Hedgehog. Juodieji Lakajai – Liūlinės km.

Hedgehog. Juodieji Lakajai – Liūlinės km.

30 km. 2 days with break/overnight

The Lakaja is one of the most beautiful rivers in Eastern Aukštaitija.

This route is mostly chosen by those who have already sailed the Žeimena and Kiauna. In terms of natural beauty and swimming fun, Lakaya is definitely not inferior to them. It is the most watery tributary of the Žeimena, winding its way through the Labanoras Forest. The Lakaia area has been declared a landscape reserve. It is particularly rich in nature, with a flourishing diversity of flora and fauna. Clear water, coastal meadows, pine forests, sandy cliffs, sparse villages and cosy stopping places. The main disadvantage of this route is that the start and end of the Lacaye route are far from the main roads, which means that you have to spend time on gravel roads.

You will start your canoe trip on the Lakaja River from the campsite next to the lake Juodieji Lakajai, near the village of Lakaja. After boarding the kayaks, steer them along the right shore of the Black Lacaye Lake. After about 150 m. turn towards the mouth of the Lacaye River, which is covered in lush reeds. Next, you will have to negotiate a short obstacle course consisting of tree clearings. The Lacaye River will appear shallow at first, with darkness reaching up to 4 metres at the bottom in places. depth. If you decide to swim here, be careful, as the springs bursting out of the forest sometimes create strong cold eddies in the river.

After crossing the bridge of the Joniškis-Labanoras road, the river will become more winding, passing through the villages of Palakajo and Fedariškės. The village of Fedariškės was founded by the Sventkites, so you will notice that the architecture is reminiscent of the bathhouses of old Russian fairy tales. Eventually, you will reach the small lake Aldikis. On its shores, the Lithuanian Red Data Book has spotted a golden eagle – the largest bird of prey in Lithuania.

After about 0.8 km along the Aldikis, you will find a 1 km long tributary connecting the lakes Aldikis and Lakaia. At the beginning of the fork you will leave the village of Paaldikis on your right. Further on, you will pass the small village of Žukaučizna and its bridge. After a short swim, you will reach Lake Lacayo. Although initially wide, the lake narrows in the middle. The coastline begins to meander, forming small peninsulas. The narrowing of Lake Lakaya is about ~1 km away. From the narrows, swim along the lake until you see two narrows (left and right). You need to take the left-hand side, as this is the source of the Lacaye River.
Once you enter the Lacaye River through the narrowing gorge, you will have ~17 km to go before the finish. From here, take the Lakaya kayaks downstream.

Next is the most beautiful and romantic part of the canoe trip on the Lakaya River – the remaining 17 km of the Lakaya River will flow through forests. You can enjoy coastal and forest views that can only be seen by kayaking down the river. You will pass through the cosy villages of Vilkaslascis, Argirdiškės and Lamanina. Near Argirdiškis, you will find a rest area where you can take a temporary break.

We strongly urge everyone – please do not leave rubbish behind. They can be disposed of at the overnight stay or at the finish line.

From the tributary of Peršokšna (on the left side of the Lakaja) you will swim ~7.3 km to reach the confluence of the Lakaja and Žeimena. Once in Žeimenė, you will say goodbye to the winding Lakaja. After ~1.5 km on the Žeimena, you will reach the village of Liūlinė, where you will reach the finish. Immediately after crossing the concrete bridge, disembark on the right-hand side and we will meet you there.