We offer you kayaks to rent with accommodation in a homestead or in tents on a private campsite.

We will take care of your leisure in the rural tourism homestead in Ignalina’s district, Aukštaitija National Park.
We look forward to welcoming everyone wishing to relax alone, or in a large group.
We are pet friendly, so bring them with you.
Spending time in nature, it is a refreshment for a soul and a body!

This is a cottage on the lakeshore in a separate area, with a sauna and one bedroom. The beds can accommodate up to 6 people (there are 1 double bed and 1 bed for 4 people), if necessary, we can add extra mattresses.

This is an area of ​​two houses on the shore of the lake.
One has a sauna, a shower, a toilet, and one bedroom; the second one has two bedrooms. Both cottages can accommodate 15 people.
If necessary, we can add extra mattresses.

It is a spacious area of ​​two houses located on the shores of the lake. One of them has a hall, a kitchenette, a shower, a toilet, and three bedrooms. It can accommodate 15 people. The second has a kitchenette, a sauna, a shower, a toilet, and two bedrooms. It accommodates 12 people.

It is a large area of ​​4 residential houses located on the shore of the lake.
There are a total of 8 bedrooms in all the cottages, they can accommodate 42 people, and if necessary, we can put extra mattresses.

We welcome you with your tents to use our well-equipped private campsites.
Each group of people has their own separate area, where you will be able to spend time in nature undisturbed.