Kayak Pricelist

Weekdays and Sundays:
Single kayak – 13 €/day
Double kayak – 26 €/day
Triple kayak – 39 €/day


Period 05.01 – 06.13 06.14 – 08.19 08.20 – 10.01
Single kayak 15 € 17 € 15 €
Double kayak 30 € 34 € 30 €
Triple kayak 45 € 51 € 45 €

Kayaking is free for children up to 6 years old.

We will transport kayaks from the start and will collect them at the end of your trip for free. We will also provide life jackets and dry bags.
You can leave your car safely at the Super Baidares car park.

If you are staying elsewhere, we are happy to pick you up from your chosen accommodation.

Description of kayaks

Kayak is a tool for water tourism enthusiasts.
It is a boat of the ancient inhabitants of the North American polar region called a kayak. A rower sits facing forward and paddles with a two-dimensional paddle. The rower sits close to the bottom, so the center of gravity of the kayak is lower than other types of boats, which determines its stability. The high length to width ratio results in their high agility. They are easy to float against the current and to carry bypassing obstacles. In addition, they are spacious enough and manoeuvrable. Kayaks can be used on rivers and lakes at any time of the year before they are covered with ice.

VISTA (Great Britain)

It is one of the most elegant and versatile double kayak in Europe. They are of high quality, stable, fast, easy to operate, and very manoeuvrable. Comfortable soft seats are adjustable according to the rower’s height, and there is plenty of storage space. If necessary, a special child seat (for a child aged 2-5) can be placed. Please note, the child can feel particularly safe as he sits between an adult’s legs.

CALYPSO (Slovenia)

These double kayaks are irreplaceable in narrow streams because they are extremely manoeuvrable and light, so swimming in a river is a pleasure. Made of extruded, high-density polyethylene, has a sturdy body and comfortable carrying handles. They have folding seat supports.

JETT (Poland)

This is special news!
A single-seater kayak for those who like some adrenaline. Extremely light and manoeuvrable, and at the same time, very stable due to its contoured bottom. The “slim body” of the kayak allows you to develop a higher speed than usual for a double kayak. Once you gain speed, this beauty will take you straight ahead for a long time. JETT kayak is suitable for lakes and rivers, made of reinforced polyethylene. It has a sturdy, comfortable seat with a bottle holder, also footrests and storage space.


Triple kayak (middle seat for an adult child aged 5-16 or a smaller adult). The fiberglass kayak is popular among kayak renters and water tourism enthusiasts. It has capacity, light, stable, and is easy to handle. The bottom of the kayak is elastic, meaning it is easy to overcome various obstacles while kayaking.


Single kayak, suitable for lakes and non-curvy rivers. They are very stable, have adjustable seats and footrests. Also suitable for heavier kayakers This is a kayak with more space for knees and feet to make swimming particularly comfortable.

FINDER Family 3+ (Poland)

Sensational 3-seater kayak suitable for 3 adults. If necessary, it is possible to install additional special 1-2 chairs for children and turn this kayak into a group 3 + 2! The sleek and flexible surface of the kayak will allow you to overcome various obstacles while sailing the chosen route. There is plenty of space for your belongings and the folding seatbacks will allow easy access to the end of the kayak.