Canoe rental price



Attention – prices include:
– transport to the start and pick-up from the finish;
– life jackets, airtight bags, child retractable seat;
– Secure parking at the Super Canoe base.
If needed, we can transport you to/from your chosen accommodation (by prior arrangement).
There is no cost for children under 6 years of age.

Weekdays and Sunday:
Single kayak -15 €/day
Double kayak -30 €/day
Triple kayak -45 €/day



05.01 – 06.13

06.14 – 08.19

08.20 – 10.01
Single kayak16 €18 €16 €
Double kayak32 €36 €32 €
Triple kayak48 €54 €48 €

About kayaks:

A kayak is the most popular means of paddling for water tourism enthusiasts.
This is an ancient North American polar boat called a kayak. In a kayak, the paddler sits face forward and paddles with a two-oared paddle. The paddler sits close to the bottom, so the kayak’s centre of gravity is lower than in other types of boats, which makes it stable. Their high length-to-width ratio results in high tractability. They are easy to sail upstream, easy to carry around obstacles. They are also sufficiently capacious and manoeuvrable. Canoeing can be done both on rivers and on open water bodies such as lakes, at any time of the year before they are covered with ice.

See nature from a different angle on a kayak,
see little-visited, spectacular “paintings” of nature2

VISTA (United Kingdom)

These are some of the most elegant and versatile double kayaks in Europe. They are of high quality – resistant to strong impacts on stones and not afraid of abrasion on the bottom. Stable, fast, easy to handle, highly manoeuvrable. The comfortable soft seats are adjustable to the height of the paddler and there is plenty of storage space. It can accommodate a special child seat (for a child aged 2-5 years) if needed.

Attention! The child can feel particularly safe in the seat because it sits between the legs of an adult.

CALYPSO (Slovenia)

These two-seater kayaks are indispensable in narrow streams because they are extremely manoeuvrable and lightweight, making them a pleasure to paddle on the river or a larger stream. Made of compressed, high-density polyethylene, they have a sturdy body and comfortable carrying handles. Seat backrests – foldable.

JETT (Poland)

This is our special news!
A single kayak for the true thrill seeker. Extremely light and manoeuvrable, yet very stable thanks to its contoured bottom. The kayak’s “slender body” allows it to reach higher speeds than usual for two-seater kayaks. Once you’ve gained momentum, this beauty will carry you straight ahead for a long time until you sigh as you look out into the green distance. The JETT kayak is suitable for lakes and rivers and is made of special reinforced polyethylene. It has a sturdy, comfortable seat with a bottle holder, as well as footrests and storage space.


Triple kayak (the middle seat is for a teenage child aged 5-16 or a smaller adult). A fibreglass kayak that has gained recognition among kayak renters and popularity among water tourism enthusiasts. It is roomy, stable and has a keel, making it easy to handle. The kayak’s elastic bottom makes it easy to navigate obstacles. Light weight makes it easy to transport or carry from one shore to another


Single touring kayak for lakes and flat rivers. Very stable and ideal for water excursions. The seat and footrests are adjustable. Suitable for heavier kayakers This is a kayak with more knee and foot room for extra comfort.

FINDER Family 3+ (Poland)

Sensational 3-seater kayak suitable for 3 adults. If needed, 1-2 special seats for children can be added to make this kayak a family kayak for 3+2! Ideal for both 1-day trips and multi-day family outings. The kayak’s sleek and flexible surface makes it easy to navigate through various obstacles on your chosen route. The kayak has plenty of space for luggage and the folding seat backs allow easy access to the stern.