Campsites for rent

We look forward to welcoming you with your tents in our well-equipped private, self-contained (non-camping) campsites!

Here, each group of people has its own separate areas, so you can spend your time in nature without being disturbed by anyone.
The campsites are private, so you can safely leave your cars and other personal belongings behind during your kayak trip.
We have provided electric gazebos, fridges, neat fire pits, barbecue grills, skewers and firewood in separate areas.

You can play basketball, rent a sauna or hot tub.
Each campsite has its own access to the lake with a lido.
There are separate, well-maintained outdoor toilets for each campsite.

Price per adult – 10 Eur/day
Children up to 10 years old – 5 Eur/day
(no hidden extra charges)

By the way, do you want to come to us by public transport?
We can pick you up from stations in surrounding towns/cities.

Don’t miss the chance to rent a kayak, too – the routes in our area are very scenic.
Here, even hardened city dwellers will not be indifferent to nature.
We will advise you on which route to choose for your kayak trip, arrange transport to the starting point and pick you up at the finish.

The Aukštaitija National Park is particularly rich in places to visit – if you want to go for a drive around the area, we’ll advise you on what’s beautiful and interesting to see.

Campsite No 1

Campsite No 2