Footwear. You may need to walk in a creek, carry a kayak through some obstacles, so make sure you have comfortable and solid footwear. Special water shoes are especially useful.

Headcover. Even if the sun doesn’t shine dazzlingly during the day, bring a hat or a cap to cover your head.

Sun cream. It is very easy to get sunburnt on the water, so bring a strong protective cream.

Phone and camera. Do not forget special protective cases. We strongly advise you to charge your mobile phones fully before traveling.

Gloves. When kayaking, it is worth bringing thick work gloves with a non-slip surface on the inside of the palms.

Map. We will provide a map

Insect spray. It is a substance applied to skin, clothing, or other surfaces that discourages insects from landing or climbing on that surface. 

Raincoats. You might find it useful to bring a waterproof or water-resistant coat to wear to protect the body from possible rain.

We will provide waterproof bags for food, clothing, and all other items.