Footwear. You may have to wade through streams, carry your kayak through shallows or over trees, so make sure you wear comfortable and sturdy footwear. Special water footwear is particularly useful.

Headgear. Even if the sun isn’t blindingly bright, bring a hat or headscarf. Not only will it protect against possible overheating, but it will also prevent debris or unwanted creatures from getting caught in your hair when swimming in forest streams.

Sun cream. We all know that the sun is particularly ‘harsh’ on water, so make sure you use a strong sunscreen and pay close attention to areas you don’t want to burn, such as the contours of your glasses frames.

Phone and camera. The biggest dilemma is when travellers who are used to technology are looking for a safe place to put their phone and/or camera, so that it doesn’t get wet during the swim, but is still close at hand. The solution is special protective cases. It is advisable to fully charge mobile phones before travelling.

Gloves. Those who have paddled a kayak before know that the biggest mood killer on a hike is blisters on the hands. When kayaking, wear thick work gloves with an anti-slip surface on the inside of the palm.

Map. We will give you

Insect spray. When kayaking or camping, you will not avoid encounters with creatures that can have unpleasant consequences, so keep a spray for skins/eczema/insects, etc. handy.

Rain. Being soaked in Lithuania is probably not a new thing, but you don’t want to be soaking wet on a kayak trip. Be sure to bring raincoats. If not in a kayak, then maybe by the fire in the evening they will help.

For food, clothing and all other water-sensitive items, we’ll lend you waterproof sealed bags.