The lake Lūšiai is in the eastern part of Lithuania, in Ignalina’s district, about 6 km away from Ignalina, in Aukštaitija’s National Park. The shore is forested with growing wide reeds. In 1977, 15 decorative wooden sculptures were constructed on the northern shore of the lake, and there is a long bay called Lušykščiai in the west. From the lake Lūšiai most tourists start their kayaking trips.

The lake Lūšiai usually is the starting point for trips, when they leave our homestead, they are able to visit all the most beautiful places of the National Park by a boat or a kayak in one day, finishing the trip in Kirdeikiai village, or the opposite –  starting a trip in Kirdeikiai, and finishing at ours.

I was born in this wonderful place and can advise tourists to go fishing because the lake Lūšiai is considered to be the fishiest lake in the National Park. You can catch many types of fish (pikes, perches, roaches, breams, tenches, eels, smelt, etc.). There are not very many breams, but if you catch it, bream is a very large, 3 – 6 kg, fish. The lake Lūšiai is famous for its fish called bleak, which grows up to 25 – 27cm length and weighs about 75 – 100 grams. There are also smelts in this lake, fishing them is quite specific, only experienced fishermen can enjoy the catch of this fish.

It is worth visiting the Palūšė’s village and seeing the beautiful Palūšė’s church which image was used on the former Lithuanian currency ‘Litas’.

There are many events taking place in Palūšė. You can find a great beach and a café.