A lake on our shore

A magnificent lake that ripples like the sea when the wind blows – Lūšiai.

Lake Lūšiai is like a harbour for tourists, after leaving our base you can visit almost all the most beautiful places of the National Park in one day by boat or canoe, ending your trip in the village of Kirdeikiai, or vice versa, starting in Kirdeikiai, and ending with us.

On the eastern edge is the village of Palūšės, and on the western shore is
our homestead, and on the north bank is the village of Meironai. It is from Lūši
The lake is where most tourists start their trips. They are on the north side of the lake
the strait turns into Lake Asalnai or Lake Shakarva on the south side.

Coming from this beautiful part of nature, I can advise tourists not only to go swimming, but also to go fishing, as Lake Lūšiai is considered to be the most fishy lake in the National Park. Here you can catch pike, perch, chub, roach, bream, bream, tench, catfish, eel, sturgeon and whitefish. Lake Lūšiai is famous for its impressively long loach, which can grow up to 25-27 cm in length and weigh around 75-100 grams. The lake has sturgeon and whitefish, for which fishing is very specific, and only experienced anglers can enjoy the larger catches of these fish.

I also suggest you visit the village of Palūšės. After leaving the boats or kayaks moored in the harbour, walk to the magnificent Palūšė church, which was featured on a paper litas. It is in Palūšė that various events take place, there is a great beach and cafés, so you can come back to our base for a meal and a break from the tourist bustle, and then come back to us for a quiet respite.