Frequently asked questions

Can I go kayaking with small children?
Yes, swimming with children is definitely possible and safe. Children up to the age of 6 are seated in special adjustable seats. The child sits between the adult’s legs – the adult sees and feels the child throughout the swim. Children are given professional, specialised life jackets and must wear them throughout the entire kayaking experience.

Is it safe to kayak?
Canoeing is safe and requires no additional training or preparation. Before swimming, we tell everyone how to use the kayak and paddles correctly during swimming, and give them professional life jackets. That’s quite enough. Lithuanian rivers are not extreme, with large waterfalls, high currents and eddies, so they are safe to swim in, even for inexperienced swimmers or first-time swimmers.

How do I choose a kayaking route?
There are a few questions that will help you decide which route is best for you:
  1. How long you want to swim for (don’t forget to include a stopover time if your route is slightly longer than 2 hours);
  2. Do you want obstacles (tree gates, dams) during the swim?
  3. Do you want to sail on lakes, rivers and lakes, just the river.

Also, the bigger the group, the longer the swim will be. For example, sailing the same route takes 4 hours for two people, while a group of 10 can take up to 5 hours.

Can we find places to eat/picnic while kayaking?
All our routes have suitable stops where you can disembark, rest and eat. We show these possible locations on the route map before the kayak departs.

Do you have a triple kayak?
Yes, triple kayaks are available and we rent them. They are available in two types – with a separate seating position for an adult (3 adults in the kayak) and with an optional child seat (2 adults and 1 child in the kayak). A kayak with three separate seats can use two paddles or three. This kayak is a bit longer than the usual, standard kayak, but it is perfectly suited for paddling Lithuanian rivers. A kayak with a retractable seat uses two paddles. For more information on types of kayaks see:

Do kayaks (single kayak) not roll?
Our rented kayaks are recreational (not sport) kayaks, designed for two (double) or one (single), so the chance of capsizing is so minimal that you would have to do a lot of work to make it happen 🙂 .

Will we get lost while canoeing?
We give all kayakers clear route maps with start and finish points. Before setting sail, we discuss the details of the route and possible disembarkation points. We answer any questions you may have. Our phone number is on the maps and on the kayaks in case you need it.

Do I need an accompanying person when kayaking?
Before setting off on the kayak, we give you a clear map of the route, discuss possible stopping points, tell you about points where you might have doubts, so you don’t need an accompanying person. However, if you would like a guide, we can offer this service by prior arrangement.

Is it possible to swim with pets (you usually ask about dogs)?
It certainly is! A small to medium-sized dog can fit perfectly in a two-seater kayak. The number of people swimming with their dogs is increasing every year.