River Žeimena (up to Švenčionėliai)

River Žeimena (up to Švenčionėliai)

19 km. at around 7am.

The Žeimena is the right tributary of the Neris River and is called the “mother of rivers” of Aukštaitija.
The Žeimena from Kaltanėnai is the clearest, so from your kayak you can admire not only the pine forest cliffs and the greenery of the coastal meadows, but also the underwater life of the river. Sudden bends, trees falling or leaning into the river, families of ducks and swans, and other birds will keep you from getting bored. There are many nice, cosy stopping places everywhere in the pine forests.
You will start the Žeimena River from the town of Kaltanėnai, where you will find the source of the Žeimena River and a convenient starting point. A beautiful recreation area has been set up next to the bridge over the Žeimena River, on the edge of the old Kaltanėnai Manor Park, along the Žeimena River, where it will be convenient to prepare for the swim. The Žeimena usually has no obstacles to move the kayaks over, so it is a river that is popular with anyone who wants to enjoy nature without getting tired. Ideal for families with young children.

After passing the town of Kaltanėnai, you will see the small village of Šakališkės on the left bank of the river about 3 km away. The Žeimena is joined by its first right tributary, the Kiauna River. Just below the confluence of the Kiauna and Žeimena rivers, you will come to a beautiful bend of the Žeimena River, and on your left you will find a beautiful meadow where you can leave your kayaks and take a swim on the sandy shore.

The village of Luknos is another 5 km away. Its second right tributary, the Luknelė, flows into the Žeimena near the village of Lukna. About 5 km from the village of Lukna, on the right side of the Žeimena River, the small Sirgėla River flows into the Žeimena. The territory of Aukštaitija National Park ends at the mouth of the Sirgėla River and the Žeimena Ichthyological Reserve begins. It extends to the confluence of the Žeimena and Neris rivers. The purpose of the Ichthyological Reserve is to protect the spawning grounds of salmon, sea bream and trout.

We strongly urge everyone – please do not leave rubbish behind. They can be disposed of at the overnight stay or at the finish line.

After swimming another 1 km. and after crossing two steep bends of the Žeimena, you will find yourself at the confluence of the Žeimena River and Lake Telio, the short Šventelė River. After about 5 km more. you will reach Švenčionėliai. It has shops, cafés and pharmacies.
After reaching Švenčionėliai, disembark before the first bridge, known locally as Kirulis Bridge. It has a comfortable sandy bathing area in front of it. We’ll be waiting for you at the finish line.