River Aiseta – River Kiauna

River Aiseta – River Kiauna

20 km. Around 8am.

You will start the route at the campsite at the source of Lake Aiset, at the eastern end of the lake, near the village of Paaisete. Keep to the left, following the shoreline. About 140 m. Swim to the source. Then you will follow the Aiseta River, through spectacular reed tunnels, crossing three bridges, to Lake Kiauno.
In Lake Kiauno, point the kayaks along the right bank. You’ll recognise it from the lush pine forests along the shores, which echo with the echoes of holidaymakers. Less than 2 km. Lake Kiaunas, and always keep to the right of the shoreline to discover the source of the Kiauna River.

The Kiauna (the right tributary of the Žeimena River) stretches through the forests and swamps of Labanoras, making kayaking on this river a lot of fun, and you’ll find some nice places to stop. At the end of Pakiaunis village, after the bridge, the Kiauna Landscape Reserve begins. You will pass the small and cosy villages of Stirninė, Briedinė, Jakutiškis, Vasiuliškės (the village of Vasiuliškes was the birthplace of politician and signatory of the Act of March 11, Kazimira Danutė Prunskienė).
A more extreme section of the river will start from the village of Vasiuliškės. Overturned trees, torrential twists and turns, stone “obstacles” – this is the more adventurous part of the hike, which will continue to the Kūrinių village bridge. The river will gradually straighten out, and a charming avenue of trees will lead you to Gilūtas Lake. From there, keep left – head east for ~0.6 km. to the mouth of the lake. The length of the lake’s mouth is ~800 m. It will take you further to Lake Sekluotis. On the right side of the promenade, you will see a sandy shoreline where you can take a great opportunity to go for a swim. After enjoying the water activities and leaving the clean and tidy surroundings, continue on to Sekluotis, where you should be greeted by royal swans. In shallow water, sail along – eastwards. The lake is not very watery, so the bottom of the canoe will be covered with tall aquatic grasses. You’ve probably already figured out why this lake got its name.

We strongly urge everyone – please do not leave rubbish behind. They can be disposed of at the overnight stay or at the finish line.

After about 0.75 km, point the kayaks to the right – southwards as you approach the shore. Then follow the river until it flows out of Sekluotis. Soon you will see the village of Kukliai, and after crossing a concrete bridge, about 500 metres later, you will see a marked landing bank on the left side of the river.
This is your finish line.