We welcome you with your tents to use our well-equipped private campsites.
Each group of people has their own separate area, where you will be able to spend time in nature undisturbed. The campsites are private, you can leave your car and personal belongings safe with us during the kayaking trip.
We have sunshades with electricity, tidy fireplaces, grills, and firewood in separate areas. There are also refrigerators and drinking water provided.
You can play basketball, rent a sauna or a hot tub.
Each campsite has its own access to the lake.
There are separate, tidy outdoor toilets for each campsite.

Price for an adult – 5 Eur / day
Children under 12 years – 3 Eur / day
(no hidden surcharges)

If you travel by public transport we can pick you up from a station in the surrounding towns.